Anti-fungal activity of neem and jurema-preta on samples of isolated Candida spp of cows with subclinical mastitis in the State of Pernambuco

The leaves of neem were collected on farms of the city of Patos-PB, and the bark of jurema-preta was collected in the UFCG - Campus of Patos-PB, and the extracts were prepared from the ethanol. The samples of Candida spp. were collected in milk of cows with subclinical mastitis and sown in plates of Petri containing agar-base 5% increased of de-fiber blood of sheep Sabouraud. The plates were incubated in bacteriological greenhouse 37 ºC and the reading was carried through with 24 and 48 h. The assays were carried through in duplicate and the final result was determined by the arithmetic mean of inhibition halos. The microbiological evaluation of these assays demonstrated that the extract from the bark of jurema-preta showed antifungal activity quite satisfactory on the yeast C. albicans, providing superior results to those obtained with the extract of neem and fluconazol.

Azadiracta indica; Mimosa tenuiflora; Candida spp; Meliaceae; Mimosoidea

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