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Brazilian Society of Pharmacognosy 1976-2006

Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy 1986-2006

In 2006 the Brazilian Society of Pharmacognosy celebrated 30 years of existence and for 20 years the Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy has been its mean of communication to the Brazilian pharmacognostic community, publishing in its pages original articles, divulgation articles and reviews of incontestable scientific value.

In the last two years the reader was able to observe the changes that were implemented by the Editorial Board, starting at the lay out, home page with its own domain, quarterly periodicity, international Editorial Board, new indexations, acceptance of articles in Spanish and English, a second title – now it is also called Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy pursuing greater international visibility. No article is published without being refereed by at least two referees who work in its area. We end 2006 with a new record broken, we are publishing in a single year 98 articles of great scientific value.

As the Pharmacognosy studies the biologically active natural products, especially the ones from the terrestrial and maritime flora and also obtained by fermentation, it is an essentially collaborative science. Together with the Pharmacognost the anthropologists, biologists, botanists, agronomists, phytochemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, medics, nurses, veterinaries and others are also invited for this celebration. One can easily see the blending of the above scientific areas visiting the site and downloading the articles which are available since the first volume and issue.

For the Brazilian scientific periodics, the QUALIS, which is a list created by the Coordination of Improvement of the Superior Level Personal of the Ministry of Education, has been an important reference to the authors decide where to send their scientific articles. QUALIS is the classification of the divulgation means of the Brazilian intellectual production in its most diverse areas. It was created in 1998 and has been used by CAPES as one of the main indicators for the evaluation of the Strictu sensu pos-graduation courses. It is divided in national and International and the classification order of the periodics in the system obeys the following value scale: Qualis IntA > IntB > IntC > NacA > NacB > NacC. In the last CAPES Committee meeting, the Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy was classified as QUALIS IntC. To progress one step, we need to have an Impact Factor (IF), which is published by the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Periodics with IF equal to the area average are classified as QUALIS IntA, the ones with IF below the area average are classified as QUALIS IntB. This is our next challenge and we are confident to achieve it.

We reach the end of 2006 communicating one more challenge accomplished: We are now indexed in the Scientific Electronic Library Online – SCIELO, which is the most important Brazilian collection of scientific literature.

We would like to thank those who believed us and contributed to the improvement of the Pharmacognosy in Brazil. In the New Year we wish to go on counting on the support and cooperation of all who work in this magnificent science field.

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    24 Mar 2008
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    Dec 2006
Sociedade Brasileira de Farmacognosia Universidade Federal do Paraná, Laboratório de Farmacognosia, Rua Pref. Lothario Meissner, 632 - Jd. Botânico, 80210-170, Curitiba, PR, Brasil, Tel/FAX (41) 3360-4062 - Curitiba - PR - Brazil