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Antitumoral activity of the Ageratum conyzoides L. (Asteraceae)

Ageratum conyzoides, a popular vegetal in Brazil, is composed by many chemical compounds, including flavonoids, and antitumoral activity has been attributed to it. In this assay the effect of chloroform and methanol fractions from EtOAc extract of the leaves on the growth of the Ehrlich tumor was evaluated. Under our experimental conditions we have observed that the treatment with methanol fractions, under the dosage of 50 mg/kg was efficient on inhibiting the tumoral growth. There was an inhibition percentage of 69.84% to the stabilized methanol fraction and 68.25% to the non-stabilized fraction. Further studies are necessary to clarify which mechanisms are involved in the inhibition of the tumoral growth.

Ageratum conyzoides; Asteraceae; antitumoral activity; Ehrlich tumor

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