In vitro cytotoxicity of extracts and fractions of Bursera tomentosa (Jacq.) Triana & Planch., Burseraceae, against human tumor cell

Jorge E. Robles Camargo Alba N. Téllez Alfonso Ronald A. Rojas-Rozo Clemencia de Castro Tulia Riveros de Murcia About the authors

To the extracts, fractions and subfractions obtained from leaves, flowers and bark of Bursera tomentosa (Jacq.) Triana & Planch., Burseraceae, its preliminary cytotoxic activity against to the cellular lines CSC-1595 and Colo 205 were evaluated, following the MTT method. The results showed that dichloromethane-methanol (9.5:0.5) subfraction obtained of ethyl acetate part from petroleum extract of leaves, like to display the bioactives substances with a strong cytotoxic activity, showing viability percentage of 3% and 15,3% to the concentration 30 µg/mL in human tumor cellular lines Colo 205 and CSC-1595 respectively.

Cytotoxic activity; Tumoral cellular lines; Bursera tomentosa

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