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The last issue of 2011


The last issue of 2011

Cid Aimbiré M Santos


This is our last issue, therefore, our last editorial of 2011. In this year, The Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy reached a new mark: 165 articles, all written in English, divided into six issues and distributed into 1171 pages. There were two special issues published: the first one (No.2) gathered twenty-four peer-reviewed papers based on the lectures at the "II Workshop on New Bioactive Compounds from Macroalgae: Management and Cultivation, Conservation, Biotechnology and Bioactivity Evaluation" (Ilhabela-SP, Brazil, 2010). The second one (No. 5) had twenty-one peer-reviewed papers which were presented at the "XIX SILAE Congress" (Cagliari, Italy, 2010). Issue No.4 was dedicated to the memory of the Brazilian scientist, Prof. Otto Richard Gottlieb, due to his great contribution to the research on natural products chemistry.

The year 2011 was not only striking for its many special editions, but also due to problems with the non-disclosure of our Impact Factor. In June, we received a notice from Thomson Reuters informing us we would be left out of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) in 2011, remaining out until 2013. Even though the community understood this as a punishment from JCR, we received it as a healthy notice for Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy (BJP), because we were standing amongst the best journals in the world, without reflecting the real Impact Factor (IF) of BJP. By 2013, everything will have been repaired and we will celebrate the recovery of our journal, not only due to the proper IF, but for the recognition of ethic and hardwork that is happening now.

On behalf of the Editorial board, we would like to thank the contribution we have received from the authors, reviewers, those who contributed financially making it possible, not only, to keep the frequency of the journal, but also to publishing issues in advance. We also thank those who, even though did not publish anything in our journal, helped with opinion, advice and support to better the quality of the journal.

For us, however, 2011 is not over yet! Although the "last editorials of the year" are usually full of congratulations and best wished to all readers as the end of the year approaches, this is not the situation in 2011. For the first time in the history of the Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy, 2011 ends in October, but the first issue of 2012 will come out in the end of 2011; another achievement in our history. This early issue is the result of dedication and efficiency from our Editorial Board, reviewers and authors. Colleagues that have made all efforts for our journal to reach international recognition.

Thus, our last editorial ends with a "see you soon", because we will meet again in 2011.

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    18 Oct 2011
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    Dec 2011
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