Lectins from Pisum arvense seeds behave differently from storage proteins during germination in the darkness

Lectinas de sementes de Pisum arvense comportam-se diferentemente das proteinas de reserva durante a germinação no escuro

ABSTRACT - The mobilization of seed proteins from Pisum arvense L. during germination in the absence of light was studied. The seeds were found to be completely consumed 22 days after germination and seedlings ceased growth after the 18th day. SDS-PAGE indicated that the main protein bands correspond to high molecular mass storage proteins which undergo proteolysis in the initial stages of germination and are not detected after the 7th day of germination. However, the corresponding lectin profiles were detected during the entire germination process, suggesting that these proteins are strongly resistant to seed proteolytic enzymes and should be important for seedling establishment. Furthermore, haemagglutinating activity in cotyledons was detected until 22 days after germination, indicating that the lectins remain active even in senescent cotyledons.

Lectin; protein mobilization; seed germination

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