Condominiums for the elderly: living conditions and health of residents in a new form of housing

Elen Ferraz Teston Celia Pereira Caldas Sonia Silva Marcon About the authors


The aim of the present study was to describe and compare the sociodemographic and health characteristics of residents in a Condominium for the Elderly facility and elderly persons living in the community. A cross-sectional study of 223 elderly persons was performed. Data was collected from November 2011 to February 2012, using the BOAS questionnaire (section I and III). In terms of sociodemographic characteristics, there were significant differences between the two groups of elderly persons for educational level and marital status. Living in the condominium was associated with the need to replace dentures and physiotherapy, whereas living in the community was associated with satisfaction with medical services and undergoing medical exams. Identification of the problems of this new housing policy is an important tool for planning comprehensive care for low-income elderly persons.

Aging; Health of the Elderly; Nursing

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