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Perceptions of the elderly on aging and violence in intrafamily relationships

Eliane Lucia Colussi Amanda Kuyawa Ana Carolina Bertoletti De Marchi Nadir Antonio Pichler About the authors



To identify the different perceptions of the aging process and violence in intrafamilial relations of elderly participants of a social and coexistence group.


An exploratory and descriptive qualitative study was performed through the application of a sociodemographic questionnaire and a semi-structured interview, with seven elderly people participating in the Coexistence and Strengthening of Bonds social group. The results of the discourses were assessed through thematic content analysis.


The extraction into thematic units allowed the elaboration of two intertwined categories: self-perception of the process of intrafamily aging and violence in the eyes of the elderly.


The elderly reported that the family is responsible for providing care, appreciation and understanding, and that the aging process brings new possibilities for coexistence, but it is also accompanied by weaknesses and limitations. They also indicated subtle practices of psychological, financial, and abandonment violence, making them impotent, ashamed, and fearful to adopt effective initiatives to restore cordial, ethical, and harmonious family relationships.

Aging; Violence; Family; Health of the Elderly.

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