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Organization of oral health care to the elderly in the Family Health Strategy

This study aimed to conduct a literature review on the oral health of the elderly, considering the need to organize oral health care for this age group in the routine of the Family Health Strategy. Data were collected, through BIREME Biblioteca Virtual na Saúde-BVS, in databases BBO, LILACS and MEDLINE, in publications dated between 2000 and 2010, in Portuguese. We selected 46 publications. Official documents, policies involving health of the elderly were also surveyed. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied and 23 scientific publications were selected for analysis. The articles confirm the need to organize oral health care of the elderly. Such organization requires the involvement of several specialties, not only due to the physiological process of aging, but also because in most cases this public displays multiple systemic changes. The elderly care needs the involvement of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team, seeking health promotion and intersectoral support. Epidemiological studies indicate the poor oral health status of this population group. The organization of oral health care requires inter- and multi-disciplinary planning. Intersectoriality may contribute significantly to health promotion.

Elderly; Elderly's Oral Health; Oral Health; Health Care Public Health; Primary Health Care

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