Cross-cultural adaptation of the original version of the Older Adults Socio-familial Evaluation Scale to the Brazilian context

Luciana Shirley Pereira Zanela Jesús Vicente García Gonzalez Albert Schiaveto de Souza Samuel Leite Oliveira Alexandra Maria Almeida Carvalho About the authors



To cross-culturally translate and adapt the Spanish Older Adults Socio-familial Evaluation Scale (Gijón Scale) to the Brazilian context.


A methodological procedure of cross-cultural adaptation with translation (Spanish-Portuguese), back-translation (Portuguese-Spanish), evaluation of semantic, idiomatic, experimental, and conceptual equivalences, and pretest of the Brazilian version in a sample of 30 older adults. For the concordance analysis, proportionality and the Kappa Cohen-Fleiss index (κ) were measured. In addition, internal consistency was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha.


Translations (T1 and T2), back-translations (RT1 and RT2), and evaluations of the synthesis version (T12) were carried out by a Committee of Experts, and a neutral judge ensured the evaluative essence of the original version of the scale in T12. The evaluation of the 34 components of T12 showed semantic (100%) and idiomatic (94%) adequacy, and adequacy greater than 70% for experimental and conceptual equivalences. There was almost perfect concordance among the experts of the Committee: semantics (κ=0.95), idiomatic (κ=0.97), experimental (κ=0.98), and conceptual (κ=0.99). The T12 pretest resulted in substantial reliability of the instrument with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.77.


The present study ensures the cross-cultural adaptation of the Socio-familial Evaluation Scale to the context of the older person living in Brazil. The equivalence evaluation resulted in almost perfect concordance among experts. The target audience did not report difficulties in understanding the assertions of the scale. The instrument proved to be reliable considering the Cronbach’s alpha obtained. After validating the scale, an ongoing study, a reliable instrument will be made available for tracking the socio-familial situation of older adults in the Brazilian context.

Validation Study; Risk; Health of the Elderly; Social Vulnerability

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