Some experiences, perspectives, and challenges of Medieval Studies in Brazil in relation to current demands

Aline Dias da Silveira About the author


Shown and discussed in this article are some experiences, perspectives, and challenges related to the research carried out in the area of Medieval History in Brazil in light of demands to connect with global movements. Methodologically, it is divided into themes: a) studies of transculturality and social space; b) academic positioning, taking into account that these themes are inter-related in the same movement which approximates research about the Middle Ages to reflections on daily experiences. Theoretically, the reflections developed in this article dialogue with the thinking of the German historian Reinhart Kosellek. Highlighted in the text is the contribution of Brazilian medievalists by presenting a new perspective, the perspective of the 'other' towards European historiography, and the importance of critical divulgation and the renewal of historical knowledge.

Medievalists in Brazil - experiences and challenges; spread of historical knowledge

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