Anos 1960: Caio Prado Jr. e "A Revolução Brasileira"

José Carlos Reis About the author

This article analyses the Caio Prado Jr.'s position inside the marxist tendence of the Brazilian historiography. It presents his heterodox position inside PCB, vision of the Brazilian revolutionary forces, evaluation of the past and expectations about the Brazilian future, conception and reconstruction of the singular Brazilian historical temporality. The work that was selected to be analysed is "A Revolução Brasileira" (1966) ("The Brazilian Revolution"), passionately written and received in the ambience of the left's defeat after the 1964's putsh. In this book he exposes clearly and vigorously his thesis about Brazil and against the PCB's democratical-bourgeoise revolution model, representing the autocritical Brazilian left thought during the sixties.

Brazilian Historiography; Caio Prado Jr.; Brazilian Marxism

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