Narrativas fundadoras do feminismo: poderes e conflitos (1970-1978)

Joana Maria Pedro About the author

The way the 'Second Wave' feminism re-emergence was defined in the seventies, in Brazil, reflects interpretations that come from different places. The narrative of 'origin' of this feminism was result of contests of power among diverse feminists groups and among these and the diverse characters involved in the fight against the military dictatorship, present in the country between 1964 and 1985. The dichotomy between "general fights versus specific fights", in one side, and "true feminists versus not-feminists" in the other side, present in these contests, talks about powers and conflicts. I intend to discuss, in this article, the invention of these origins and their contests for power.

Feminism; Power relations; Military dictatorship; Narratives

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