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A política como espetáculo: a reinvenção da história brasileira e a consolidação dos discursos e das imagens integralistas na revista Anauê!

The Anauê! magazine (1935-1937), a monthly publication of great national circulation, had as goal the spreading of the principles of Ação Integralista Brasileira (AIB) in a didactic way. In its first number this appears under sufficiently clear form: "With the objective to divulge, in accessible language to all, the Integralista doctrine." The education of the readers of this publication was something essential, therefore a great amount of photographic images and drawings was present in each one of its editions. In its pages all these factors joined in the liberator image of Plínio Salgado, presented as the solution for the problems that Brazil lived in the decade of 1930. Its speeches and images searched a divinization of the movement and its leader, beyond a reinvention of the Brazilian historical past.

Speeches; Images; Reinvention; Politics

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