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The corporatist thought in Miguel Reale: readings of Italian fascism in Brazilian integralismo

João Fábio Bertonha About the author

Inside Brazilian integralista movement, jurist Miguel Reale stands out for many reasons. First of all, for the special attention he dedicated to the issue of the organization of the future integralista state. Secondly, by his social concerns, aiming to reach workers and to solve the so called 'social question' having as a starting point the reorganization of the state and the adoption of the corporatist doctrine. Finally, for his upbringing, both personal and educational, marked by the Italian culture, that led to a special influence of Italian fascism in his thought and in his political action. This work aims to explore the conception of the state in Miguel Reale, the difference between his ideas and those of other integralista leaders (such as Plínio Salgado and Gustavo Barroso) in what regards the state and how he designed the corporatist program of the movement.

Italian fascismo; corporatism; integralismo; Miguel Reale

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