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The student's reality as a pedagogical tradition in dispute in school geography (1920-2020)


This article analyzes, based on didactic materials and selected curricular documents from the last 100 years (1920/2020), the pedagogical dimension of the student's reality as a primary element of geography teaching throughout its history. The student's reality is understood as a discursive element whose meaning is in dispute for different conceptions of teaching Geography. As a result of the article, it was demarcate four important moments of the discipline in Brazil: hegemonization of modern School Geography and the student's reality as part of the renewal of teaching; dimension of the real in the temporality of Social Studies; critical renewal based on theories of learning and the notion of totality for the apprehension of the real; the analysis of geographic principles in the context of the BNCC and reality according to the spatiality of the phenomenon. Thus, it is concluded that the sense of student's reality moves through the political and epistemological moments of School Geography.

geography teaching; signifier; hegemony-pedagogy relationship; epistemology of learning

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