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Physical and physicochemical study of different blood bag films in respect to safety during hemotherapeutic processing

Many ruptures of blood bags used for processing and storage occur in the process of opening the system with the consequence of losing contents causing economic losses, biological risk and negative implications for voluntary donation (data was collected by the author from blood collection centers). The purpose of this work was to make an in vitro evaluation, using a blind study, of different polyvinylchloride (PVC) blood bags available on the national market; three manufactured nationally and the other two outside of Brazil. Commonly accepted physical and physico-chemical tests were used. These bags are made with special characteristics: chemical composition according to European Pharmacopoeia, with enough flexibility to be filled and strong enough to tolerate centrifugation (G) with varying degrees of temperature and duration. The manufacturing process includes welding using radio frequency. The seam or welded area has been identified as the most vulnerable point for pin holes during centrifugation. The parameters studied were: absorption of infra-red rays (FT-IR) and mechanical analysis of tension and elongation/rupture were evaluated both in the body of the blood bags and the seams or welded areas. The FT-IR spectra were similar, but mechanical analysis presented significant differences when comparing the different bags. We found two groups of actions related to chemical grouping concentrations. Information was not considered or known about the chemical concentration of processing and possible differences between the techniques used. The results led to the conclusion that differences between the five bags exist. These properties are very important as biological or desirable biochemical characteristics for blood bags. A literature review, did not however, reveal values that would indicate which blood bags have better or worse performances in accordance with their mode of processing in blood centers.

Blood bags; centrifugation and ruptures; polyvinylchloride

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