Overview of the researches about DICT and English Teacher Education in Al: a bibliographical study based on CAPES database of theses and dissertations

Lucas Moreira dos Anjos Santos About the author

This paper aims at presenting an overview of the researches about Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) and English teacher education carried in Applied Linguistics in Brazil from 2000 to 2009. In order to do so, a bibliographical search was carried out at the CAPES database of theses and dissertations according to some key words related to this subject. The results point out a number of varied studies developed in this field with different focus such as: public policies and its implementation, use of digital tools in pre and in service teacher education, appropriation of digital tools by teachers into their work, believes and representations concerning the use of digital tools, among others. We hope to contribute to those who further wish to develop more studies under the theme English teacher education and DICT.

English Teacher Education; Digital Information and Communication Technologies; Bibliographical Research

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