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Rhythmic gymnastics athletes posture: analysis through photometry

Luciana Rocco Bosso Andrey Rogério Campos Golias About the authors

Posture is correlated with the sports modality and presents its own characteristics which the body has to adapt to and can cause postural disorders. Therefore, this study aimed to verify posture and its alterations in rhythmic gymnastics athletes using software called SAPO. It is a study that uses photometry - analysis of pictures captured of specific points marked on the athlete's body. 27 women aged between seven and 15 years, rhythmic gymnastics athletes from Maringá-PR participated in the study. Alterations were verified in all the athletes; however, some disorders being more remarkable, which can be justified by the characteristic aspects of the modality, and hence need to be further investigated. Thus, the evaluation of postural disorders becomes important to identify possible postural disorders.

posture; photometry; evaluation; adolescent

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