Evaluation of the quality of life and sleep in Brazilian paralympic athletes

Andrea Maculano Esteves Andressa Silva Amaury Barreto Daniel Alves Cavagnolli Luciana Santo Andrea Ortega Andrew Parsons Edilson Rocha Tubiba Murilo Barreto Winckler de Oliveira Filho Sergio Tufik Marco Túlio de Mello About the authors


Brazilian paralympic sports are gaining prominence on the world stage. That's why the evaluation of some characteristics that may influence positively the athletes' performance is so important to be observed during the training sessions.


to assess the quality of life and sleep quality of Brazilian paralympic athletes.


49 paralympic athletes participating in swimming (n=20) and athletics (n=29) were studied. The athletes answered questionnaires assessing their sleep patterns and complaints and their quality of life.


most athletes (65,30%) reported poor sleep quality, and the sleep latency in this group was significantly greater than in the athletes with good sleep quality. Fifty percent of the athletes reported a desire to make changes in their sleep schedule and 52% would like to increase their sleep time. Excessive daytime sleepiness was observed in 53.06% of the athletes. Regarding complaints of sleep disorders, there were reported kicking or jerking of the legs and snore. Lower scores for quality of life were found in the environment if compared to the physical, psychological or social relationship domains.


most athletes reported poor sleep quality and, consequently, a high index of dissatisfaction with their sleep. Moreover, lower quality of life scores were found in the environmental domain, which is related to physical safety, protection and conditions at home.

sports; sleep; quality of life; physical activity; sleep disorders

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