Statistical characterization of eight maximum daily precipitation series of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

The aim of the work was to characterize the series of maximum daily rainfall value, observed during each year (Preabs) on the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The characterization was carried out by using different probabilities density functions. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the percentiles-percentiles graphics and, the quantil-quantil graphics, indicate that the observed data converges to the general extreme value distribution (GEV) in the locations of Campinas-SP, Cordeirópolis-SP, Mococa-SP, Monte Alegre do Sul-SP, Ribeirão Preto-SP and Ubatuba-SP. Increasing trends were detected only for the Pindorama-SP series. The Fourier and the wavelets analysis indicate no significant periodicities in all analyzed series.

climate trends; climate variations

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