Foreign body in nasopharynx: regarding a case

Fernando P. G. Sobrinho Alena M. B. Jardim Iara C. de Sant'Ana Hélio A. Lessa About the authors

The accidental ingestion of foreign body establish a comum problem in the emergency room and prompt attending services, especially in childhood. Althought rare, a foreign body reputed swallowed or inhaled can be projected and lodge in nasopharynx. The physical examination and standard radiologic screening incidences may don't evidence any abnormality. Therefore, the authors of this case report recommend that a cavum roentgenogram and/or cautions rhinopharynx visualization with Garcia's mirror, Hopkins type telescopes or flexible naso-fibroscope should be performed in these cases where cervical radiographic study don't show properly the nasopharynx above all important in radiolucents foreign bodies avaliation. The early diagnostic is necessary to avoid major complications.

foreign body; nasopharynx; larynx; neck radiography

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