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Mind-body interventions for the treatment of insomnia: a review

Intervenções mente-corpo para o tratamento de insônia: uma revisão

OBJECTIVE: As insomnia is highly prevalent, and side effects of medication are well-known, mind-body interventions are increasingly being sought. The objective of this study is to present a narrative review regarding the effects of mind-body interventions for the treatment of insomnia. METHOD: A PubMed search was conducted including only randomized, controlled trials in which the main objective was to treat insomnia. DISCUSSION: Twelve studies were selected. In three of the studies, objective parameters (polysomnography) were analyzed. Mind-body interventions were able to improve sleep efficiency and total sleep time. Most can ameliorate sleep quality; some can reduce the use of hypnotic drugs in those who are dependent on these drugs. CONCLUSION: According to the studies we selected, self-reported sleep was improved by all mind-body treatments, among them yoga, relaxation, Tai Chi Chih and music. Cognitive behavioral therapy seems to be the most effective mind-body intervention. Cognitive behavioral therapy was the only intervention that showed better results than medication. However, considering that only five of the twelve studies chosen reached a score of 3 in the Jadad scale, new studies with a higher methodological quality have to be conducted especially in mind-body interventions that belong to the complementary or alternative medicine field.

Sleep; Cognitive therapy; Mind-body therapies; Psychotherapy; Evaluation of the efficacy-effectiveness of interventions

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