"Ferveu, queimou o ser da erva": knowledge of local experts on medicinal plants in Southern Brazil

C. Baldauf R.R. Kubo F. Silva B.E. Irgang

The aim of this study was to conduct an ethnobotanical survey focusing on the knowledge and use of medicinal plants by local experts from Lami community, located in the south region of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The methodology involved semi-structured interviews and guided excursions. For each citation the following data were recorded: botanical and vernacular name, therapeutic use, part used, preparation and administration form. The use value was calculated, as well as the corrected percentage of agreement concerning the main uses for each cited plant and the factor of consensus among informants for the different categories of the considered diseases. Knowledge about 141 medicinal species of 63 botanical families was recorded. The experts have an extensive knowledge including the use of native and exotic plants almost at the same proportion. Medicinal plants represent an important therapeutic option in the studied community. The associated use of traditional and conventional medicines, besides the forms of knowledge transmission and conservation are discussed in this paper.

ethnobotany; popular medicine; Porto Alegre; local knowledge

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