Occurrence de Leishmania spp. in domestic cats from Araçatuba, SP

Katia Denise Saraiva Bresciani Ana Claudia Marques Serrano Lucas Vinicius Shigaki de Matos Elisa San Martin Mouriz Savani Sandra Regina Nicoletti D'Auria Silvia Helena Venturoli Perri Fabio Luiz Bonello Willian Marinho Dourado Coelho Carolina Godoi Aoki Alvimar José da Costa About the authors

This study had the purpose to compare the occurrence of Leishmania spp. in felines through two methods (cytological and serological), as well as to associate the occurrence of this protozoan with the sex, age and breed variables. Serum samples from 283 domestic felines were processed by means of Indirect Immunofluorescence Reaction (IIR), and the direct parasitological test for linfonodes was also carried out in order to verify positivity for Leishmania spp. Occurrence of 0.7% (2/283) was observed in the tested felines by means of linfonode imprinting and no animal showed title of antibodies for Leishmania spp. The two positive females were mongrel, a young female and an adult female feline. From the obtained results, no statistically significant difference was observed as regards the sex, breed and age variables in this research (p > 0.05). Occurrence of Leishmania spp. in the cats of this study was low. Such low incidence suggests that these hosts has no epidemiological relevance in the study area.

Leishmania spp.; cat; serology; lymphonodes; imprint

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