Occurence of ectoparasites in ostriches (Struthio camelus) reared in semi-arid region of Bahia

Maria Ângela O. Almeida Larissa de Fátima C. Duarte Juliana da S. Rocha Mariana S.A. Silva José Eugenio Guimarães Maria Consuêlo C. Ayres About the authors

In the period of May to August of 2005, 19 ostrich's farms were visited in the semi-arid area of the Irecê, Bahia, in order to describe the ectoparasites. The African Black ostriches were reared in intensive system, and distributed for age group, in colonies, trio, couple or crèche. In each farm, after visually inspection of the ostrich, the feathers were taken in several areas of the body and were kept in plastic bags. The screwworms found were collected and stored in 70% ethanol. In 74% (14/19) and 47% (04/19) of the flocks were found ostriches infested, respectively, for the Struthiopterolichus bicaudatus (acari) and Struthiolipeurus rheae (mallophaga). In only one flock (5.3%) it was found an animal with Cochliomyia hominivorax larvae.

Ectoparasites; mite; lice; myiasis; ostrich

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