First report of scuticociliatosis caused by Uronema sp. in ornamental reef fish imported into Brazil

Primeiro relato de scuticociliatose causada por Uronema sp. em peixes ornamentais de recife importados para o Brasil

Pedro Henrique Magalhães Cardoso Simone de Carvalho Balian Eliana Reiko Matushima Santiago Benites de Pádua Maurício Laterça Martins About the authors


Scuticociliatosis, which is caused by an opportunistic ciliate protozoan, is responsible for significant economic losses in marine ornamental fish. This study reports the occurrence of Uronema sp., which was found to be parasitizing three species of marine reef fish imported into Brazil and maintained in quarantine: Vanderbilt’s Chromis (Chromis vanderbilti), blue-green damselfish (Chromis viridis), and sea goldie (Pseudanthias squamipinnis). During the quarantine period, some fish presented with behavioral disorders and hemorrhages and ulcerative lesions on the body surface. Histopathological analysis showed hemorrhages, inflammation comprising mononuclear and granular cells in the skeletal muscle, and necrosis of the skin and the secondary lamellae of the gills, and parasites were also observed in the renal capsule. The absence of transboundary measures available to prevent the occurrence of ornamental fish diseases is also discussed.

Ornamental fish; Chromis; Pseudanthias; Scuticociliatia; transboundary disease; histopathology

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