Compromised nutrition in gerbils infected by Cystoisospora felis detected through an animal performance analysis tool

Comprometimento nutricional em gerbis infectados por Cystoisospora felis detectado através de uma ferramenta de análise de desempenho animal

Edwards Frazão-Teixeira Francisco Carlos Rodrigues de Oliveira Vagner Ricardo da Silva Fiuza Amanda Lucía Jiménez-Sanz Edenio Detmann About the authors

The impact of Cystoisospora felis infection on the nutritional efficiency of gerbils was studied. The variables weight gain and feed intake were measured during four weeks in 28 laboratory gerbils, of which 14 were inoculated with 3.5 × 10(5) sporulated oocysts of C. felis and the remaining 14 were controls. The animals from both groups were weighted, killed, eviscerated and had their carcasses and tissues weighted and compared. A modern tool designed for measuring nutritional performance of farm animals was applied. The results showed compromised nutritional efficiency of the infected animals within the first week after infection. The consequences of these results are discussed here, including the potential impact of infection on farm animals performance.

Cystoisospora felis; gerbil; bio-nutritional index; farm animal; oocyst; BNI

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