Pseudolynchia canariensis (Diptera:Hippoboscidae) on Buteogallus aequinoctialis (Ciconiiformes: Accipitridae) in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Rodrigo Gredilha Daniel de A. Balthazar Alex L. Spadetti Luiz Paulo L. Fedullo Rubens P. Mello About the authors

The record of Pseudolynchia canariensis on two Rufous Crab-Hawk in situ taken care of the Hospital Veterinarian of the RioZoo Foundation. The nineteen collected specimens had been identified in the Laboratory of Diptera, Fundação Instituto Oswaldo Cruz. The findings of P canariensis out natural hosty (Columba livia) it represents a contribution to the studies of the family Hippoboscidae considering that it does not have records about native birds of the american continent parasitized by P canariensis.

Louse-flies; ectoparasites; Pseudolynchia canariensis; Buteogallus aequinoctialis

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