First occurrence of Quadrigyrus nickoli (Acanthocephala) in the ornamental fishHyphessobrycon eques

Primeira ocorrência de Quadrigyrus nickoli(Acanthocephala) no peixe ornamental Hyphessobrycon eques

Rodrigo Yudi Fujimoto Edilene Santos Almeida Daniel Guerreiro Diniz Jorge Costa Eiras Mauricio Laterça Martins About the authors

The objective of this work was to report the first seasonal occurrence of the acanthocephalan Quadrigyrus nickoliSchmidt & Hugghins, 1973Schmidt GD, Hugghins EJ. Acantocephala of South American fishes. Part.1, Eoacanthocephala. J Parasitol 1973; 59(5): 829-835. http:∕∕∕10.2307∕3278417
(Quadrigyridae), in the “Mato Grosso”Hyphessobrycon eques (Characidae) (Steindachner, 1882), collected from the Chumucuí River, state of Pará, Brazil. The fish were collected between July 2006 (rainy season) and June 2007 (dry season) and were examined for parasites using pattern techniques. A total of 75 parasites were found in the stomach and intestine. Among 83 fish examined (50 in the dry season and 33 in the rainy season), 22 were parasitized by cystacanths of Q. nickoli. The importance of H. eques as a paratenic host for Q. nickoli is discussed. This is the first study on the biology of and infection by Q. nickoli occurring in the eastern Amazon region.

Acanthocephala; Amazon; ornamental fish; Quadrigyrus nickoli ; Hyphessobrycon eques

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