Seed quality of stored soybean after coating with amino acid, polymer, fungicide and insecticide

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of soybean seed coating treatment with amino acid, polymer, fungicide and insecticide on physiological and health quality. The treatments were: 1) control; 2) fungicide (Fludioxonil + Metalaxil); 3) amino acid (PT-4-0®); 4) polymer (Polyseed CF®+ Colorseed®); 5) fungicide + amino acid; 6) fungicide + insecticide (Thiametoxam); 7) fungicide + polymer; 8) fungicide + insecticide + polymer; and 9) fungicide + amino acid + insecticide. Germination, vigor and seed health were evaluated. The seeds were stored for six months and evaluations done every 60 days. The application of amino acid alone positively affected seed germination but when combined with fungicide and polymer there was no improvement in seed performance. Germination was negatively affected by using fungicides but the combination of fungicide and polymer had no effect. Fungicide application reduced fungus incidence, except for Cercospora sp. The use of polymer did not affect fungus control by the fungicide, indicating that this combination can be used.

Glycine max; treatment; storage; vigor

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