Prevalence and associated factors for early interruption of exclusive breastfeeding: meta-analysis on Brazilian epidemiological studies

Marcos Pereira-Santos Moema de Sousa Santana Denise Santana Oliveira Renato Aleixo Nepomuceno Filho Cinthia Soares Lisboa Leila Magda Rodrigues Almeida Daiene Rosa Gomes Valterlinda Alves de Oliveira Queiroz Fran Demétrio Ana Marlúcia Oliveira About the authors



to summarize Brazilian studies that analyzed the risk factors for Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) interruption before the child's six months of life.


systematic review and meta-analysis indexed articles from Bireme, Scielo and Pubmed databases published in the period of January 2000 to December 2015.


22 articles were included in the meta-analysis. The factors related to newborns were observed, such as birth weight (OR= 1.17; CI 95%: 1.05-1.29), female gender (OR= 1,09; CI 95%: 1.04-1.13) and the use of pacifier (OR= 2.29; CI 95%: 1.68-2.91) were the main factors responsible for the increase in the occurrence of EBF interruption. The factors were related to the mother, maternal age below twenty years old (OR= 1.22; CI 95%: 1.12-1.33) low schooling level (OR=1.28; CI 95%: 1.11-1.45), primiparity (OR= 1.17; CI 95%: 1.02-1.32) maternal employment during the postpartum period (OR= 1.26; CI 95%: 1.11-1.41), and low family income (OR= 1.22; CI 95%: 1.08-1.37) contributed significantly to the EBF interruption .


the meta-analysis of Brazilian epidemiological studies demonstrated evidences to conclude that below the age of twenty, low schooling, primiparity, maternal employment in the postpartum period and low family income are associated to the interruption of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age. Children with low birth weight, female gender and used a pacifier had greater vulnerability to not be exclusively breastfed. In conclusion, most of these factors can be modified through appropriate public policies throughout the adequate prenatal period to promote exclusive breastfeeding.

Key words
Breastfeeding; Exclusive breastfeeding; Child nutrition; Epidemiological surveys; Review

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