An evaluation of HIV testing during preand perinatal care in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Daniela Marcondes Gomes Maria Inês Couto de Oliveira Sandra Costa Fonseca About the authors



to evaluate HIV testing during preand perinatal care in the Brazilian National Health System.


a cross-sectional study was carried out in 2009 covering 15 maternity hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. Interviews were conducted with a sample of 835 pregnant women and their medical records consulted. A logical model was drawn up to assess the adequacy of HIV testing.


according to the information gathered from the pregnant women, 86.7% underwent a prenatal non-reactive serology test and 55.7% a rapid HIV test in hospital.In 49.9% of cases, the rapid hospital HIV test procedure was deemed to be adequate both for mothers with unknown prenatal HIV status undergoing the rapid test and for those with known HIV status who did not undergo this test. According to medical records, 68.0% underwent the non-reactive serum testand 79.6% the rapid HIV test.In 50.9%of cases the rapid hospital HIV test procedure was found to be adequate.


the pre- and perinatal HIV test protocol in force in 2009 was not followed in a satisfactory manner, as unnecessary tests were performed and the target population was not fully tested, thereby jeopardizing the adoption of adequate prophylactic measures to control vertical transmission.

Key words
Program evaluation; HIV; Prenatal care; AIDS serodiagnosis; Cross-sectional studies; Unified Health System

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