Assessment of female sexual function in remote postpatum period: a cross-sectional study

Thalita Rodrigues Christovam Pereira Elissa Hanayama Dottori Flávia Maciel de Aguiar Fernandes Mendonça Ana Carolina Sartorato Beleza About the authors



(i) to evaluate female sexual function in remote postpartum period within Brazilian women and (ii) to compare female sexual dysfunction in relation to the mode of delivery.


in this cross-sectional study, two groups of remote postpartum women, who underwent vaginal delivery (n=30) and cesarean (n=48), were studied. The sexual function of participants was assessed through an online Brazilian version of FSFI between 45 and 180 days after delivery. Data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics using Fisher exact test, and Student t test.


based on the data of 78 women who completed the online questionnaire, 78% (n=61) showed sexual dysfunction on remote postpartum period being that the FSFI mean score for vaginal postpartum was 22.17 and for cesarean postpartum, 21.12 (p=0.443).


the majority of remote postpartum women showed sexual dysfunction. There was no significant difference found on female sexual function between modes of delivery.

Key words
Cesarean section; Natural childbirth; Postpartum period; Sexual health; Women’s health

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