An intervention in Psychopathology of Work - Clinic of Activity contributions

Giselle Reis Brandão Maria Elizabeth Antunes Lima About the authors


The essay deals with the contributions of the Clinic of Activity to the intervention in labor contexts. Based on the acknowledgment of a gap in the Psychopathology of Work regarding the development of methods to reduce or prevent pathogenic factors in these contexts, the authors rescue the Clinic of Activity intervention proposal. To illustrate the importance of theoretical-methodological bases developed in this field of study, they reported on an intervention aimed at reducing the problems faced by professionals responsible for the care of patients with severe physical and mental disabilities. The results reveal some developments in the caregiver’s activity, extending their power to act, revitalizing the professional genre and minimizing impacts on their mental health, which suggests a fruitful dialogue between these areas.

Psychopathology of Work; Clinic of Activity; intervention; mental health

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