Bullying and violence at work: characterization in a forensic expert analysis. Reporting an experience in the banking sector

Cristiane Queiroz Barbeiro Lima Cristiane Maria Galvão Barbosa Renata Wey Berti Mendes Cesar Augusto Patta About the authors

This paper presents an investigation on bullying among workers affected by Repetitive Strain Injury/Musculoskeletal Disorders (RSI/MSD). The enquiry was held during a forensic analysis of a collective lawsuit proposed by workers of a bank. A forensic assessment workplan addressing the characterization of bullying and violence at work is put forward. The difficulties found are emphasized, particularly those related to the time elapsed between the opening of the lawsuit and the forensic analysis, caused by the witnesses' and other individuals' fear and by the lack of standardized instruments to typify bullying. The forensic analysis has identified the workplace conducive to bullying due to the management and organizational systems adopted and identified mental and psychic overload potentiation of workers with RSI/MSD by being subject to pressures to give up showing the relationship disease-work. Due to its collective characteristic, the forensic investigation led to the possibility of analyzing and assessing work situations that would lose their importance if seen alone as compared with a systemic and organizational view.

bullying; mental health; workers' health; representative action; work organization

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