Genotype-environment interaction for maternal effect traits in Nellore cattle from Maranhão, Mato Grosso and Pará States

Leandro Lopes Nepomuceno Thaymisson Santos de Lira Fernando Brito Lopes Raysildo Barbosa Lôbo Jorge Luís Ferreira About the authors

This study was carried out to analyze genotype-environment interaction for maternal effect traits weights of Nellore cattle from Maranhão (MA), Mato Grosso (MT) and Pará (PA) States. It was used records of 37,032 animals provided by Genetic Improvement Program of Nellore (PMGRN-ANCP) collected between the years 1993 to 2010. The means and standard deviations for W120 to MA, MT and PA were 123.43 ± 17.06, 133.91 ± 19.62 and 130.07 ± 16.03kg and to W210 for the same States were 181.83 ± 34.15, 28.52 ± 194.73 and 189.76 ± 23.45kg, respectively. Genetic correlations estimative between the expected progeny difference for same sire were 0.42 (MA-MT), 0.38 (MA-PA) and 0.70 (MT-PA) for P120; 0.49 (MA-MT), 0.13 (MA-PA) and 0.40 (MT-PA) for P210. Lower genetic correlations in both traits were observed between Maranhão and Pará states, which presented greats environmental distinctions. These results showed genotype-environment interaction and reaffirm the current preoccupation with these interaction which can be effect the genetic evaluation of animals raised in this states.

beef cattle; genetic correlation; genetic evaluation; heritability

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