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Serum parameters of calves receiving different types of liquid diets

This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of the liquid diet on the blood metabolites profile related to the protein and energy status of calves receiving different liquid diets. Twenty-four calves of Holstein x Gir breed were distributed in a completely randomized design with four treatments and six replications: Whole milk (Control); 50% whole milk + 50% of whey of cheese in natura; 50% whole milk + 50% of cheese whey in natura + one egg in natura; 50% whole milk + 50% of cheese whey in natura + one egg in natura + of biotin. The adaptation of the animals to the experimental diets occurred ten days before the beginning of the treatments. The animals received concentrate, Tifton-85 (Cynodon sp.) hay and water ad libitum from the birth to wean. Samples of blood were weekly collected in the morning, before the supply of the liquid diet and two hours after the ingestion. The concentrations of glucose, urea, creatinin, total proteins and albumin found in the serum of the calves, between liquid diets tested, were within normal limits when compared to reference levels in the literature. Only the values of urea differ significantly between treatments, but without harming the performance of the animals, soon it can be used the cheese whey in substitution to the whole milk, in the proportion of 50%, without egg or biotin addition, for a redution on the production cost.

albumin; creatinin; glucosis; total protein; urea

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