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Production and chemical composition of hybrid sorghum and corn for silage

Sheilla Davoglio de Moraes Clóves Cabreira Jobim Michele Simili da Silva Fabiany Izabel Marquardt About the authors

The goal in this research was to evaluate the production parameters and chemical composition of four sorghum hybrids (60015 XBS, XBS 60451, AG and Dow 2005 F305 E) and a corn hybrid (AS32).In the experimental design was used complete blocks randomized with three repetitions. It was evaluated the total production of green mass (MV), dry matter (MS) and the stem, leaf, panicle, spike (maize). It was determined the content of crude protein (PB), neutral detergent fiber (FDN), acid detergent fiber (FDA), ether extract (EE), total carbohydrates (CHOT), non-fiber carbohydrates (CNF), mineral matter (MM) and organic matter (MO) of the plant, leaf fractions and panicle. There was no production difference between hybrids DM, MV and leaf. In the chemical composition of sorghum and maize plants, there were some differences among the hybrids. The crude protein, sorghum AG 2005 E had the highest average with 9.84%, and corn AS32 had the smallest one, with 7.76%. For the leaves composition, the PB was smaller in the hybrids XBS 60015 (9,8%) and XBS 60451 (9,87%), higher concentrations of FDN, 66,02 and 66,65%, respectively. The sorghum panicles had higher average of PB (10,06%) in relation to the corn (7,78%). The CNE was higher than the panicles of XBS 60015 with 29,61% and XBS 60451 with 27,20%. The sorghum hybrids presented a better quality in their chemical composition. So it is recommended their utilization to make better quality silage.

crude protein; forage mass; panicle; total carbohydrates

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