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Modeling the maternal effect and estimation of genetic parameters for body weights of Anglo Nubian goats

Gleyson Vieira dos Santos José Ernandes Rufino de Sousa José Lindenberg Rocha Sarmento Severino Cavalcante de Sousa Júnior Wandrick Hauss de Sousa Daniel Biagiotti Natanael Pereira da Silva Santos Aurino de Araujo Rêgo Neto About the authors

The aim of the study were to determine the most appropriate model, and to estimate genetic parameters of birth weight to the 196 day-old Anglo-Nubian breed goat. Genetic parameters were estimated by REML procedure using WOMBAT program. Twelve different animal models were fitted by including or excluding maternal genetic effect, maternal permanent environmental effect, maternal temporary environmental effect and covariance between direct-maternal genetic effects. On the basis of Bayesian information criterion results, model II, which included direct genetic and maternal temporary environmental effects, was determined to be the most appropriate model for both traits. The maternal temporary environmental effect was the most important source of variation for both traits. This effect contributed about 33% at 44% to the phenotypic variance for weight analized. These results indicate that selecting for improved maternal and/or direct effects in Anglo-nubian goats would generate genetic progress in growth traits.

permanent environment; heritability; variance components

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