Knowledge, practice and perception about healthcare waste management in veterinary clinics in Salvador, Bahia

Mariangela Andrade Reis Maria Ligia Rangel-S Camila Maria de Mattos Carlos Roberto Franke About the authors

The aim of this study was to evaluate the veterinary establishments, providers of clinical services in the city of Salvador, Bahia, regarding compliance with laws relating to waste health management, as well as assess the practice, knowledge and perception on the subject. From September 2010 to March 2011, 36 veterinary establishments were visited and their technical managers interviewed about knowledge, practice and perception on the subject. Of these, 30.6% know the current law, 2.8% have implemented the plan of waste management of health services, 19.4% has a contract with the company of collects waste and 88.9% believes that the waste health services represent some kind of risks. Other aspects were investigated too. The results show that although the technical managers unfamiliar with the resolution of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency, they are aware of the risks associated with inappropriate practices of waste management of health services. The study revealed the need to understand and correct the gaps in vocational training in the perception of the risks posed by the waste of health services; dialogue between institutions and professional and the formulating criteria that suit the requirements of the relevant legislation and the scale of generation of waste health services in establishments veterinarians.

Health legislation; Veterinary legislation; Veterinary medicine

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