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Hemodynamic and perfusion variables during experimental septic shock treated with goal-directed fluid resuscitation

OBJECTIVES: Although fluid resuscitation guided by central venous oxygen saturation (SvcO2) is currently considered the gold standard in sepsis therapy, few studies have described hemodynamic and perfusion parameters during this procedure. This study aims to describe these parameters during septic shock without resuscitation and after 12 hours of goal-directed resuscitation. METHODS: Thirteen anesthetized pigs (35-45 kg) had peritonitis caused by fecal inoculation (0.75 g/kg). After developing persistent hypotension, both groups were given antibiotics and randomized either to the control group (n=7) or the experimental group (n=6). In the control group, hemodynamic control was optimized to maintain a central venous pressure of 8-12 mmHg, a urinary output above 0.5 mL/kg/hour and a mean arterial blood pressure above 65 mmHg. The experimental group received the above target therapy in addition to maintaining a SvO2 above 65%. The interventions included lactated Ringer's solution and norepinephrine for both groups and dobutamine in the SvO2 group. The animals were treated for 12 hours or until death. RESULTS: Untreated sepsis was associated with significant reductions in SvO2, PvO2, cardiac output and central venous pressure in addition to increased arteriovenous oxygen saturation and veno-arterial CO2 differences. Following resuscitation, these parameters were corrected in both groups. Goal-directed resuscitation was associated with a better hemodynamic profile, characterized by higher SvO2, cardiac output and central venous pressure. CONCLUSIONS: Non-resuscitated sepsis showed a hemodynamic profile suggesting hypovolemia, with worsened perfusion and hemodynamics, which is reversed upon fluid resuscitation. Goal-directed resuscitation is associated with significantly improved hemodynamic and perfusion parameters

Shock; septic; Oxygen; Oximetry; Lactates; Resuscitation; Hemodynamics; Pigs

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