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Performance of Holstein heifers in feedlot receiving monensin at different levels

Marcus Vinicius Morais de Oliveira Rogério de Paula Lana Eduardo da Costa Eifert Dirce Ferreira Luz Fernando Miranda de Vargas Junior About the authors

The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of the ionophore monensin on the intake, weight gain, feed:gain ratio and withers and croup heights of heifers maintained in feedlot, and also the feeding costs. Twenty eight Holstein heifers were confined individually for 84 days, and fed diets containing 32.84% concentrate (corn grain, soybean meal, urea and mineral mix) and 67.16% corn silage and sugar cane, at the proportion of 1:1 in DM. The ionophore levels added to the concentrate were 0, 14, 28 and 42 mg monensin/kg DM of the offered diet, totaling four experimental diets. The experiment was analyzed as a randomized complete block design with four diets and seven replications. The monensin addition raised the cost of the diets, but the different monensin levels did not influence the dry matter intake, the crude protein and neutral detergent fiber intakes; the average daily gain; the feed:gain ratio; and the withers and croup heights.

bovines; dairy cattle; ionophore; ruminant

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