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Nutritive value of sorghum silages

The intake and apparent digestibility of silage nutrients of different sorghum hybrids: AG2006, AGX215, AGX213, AGX202 e AG2002, were evaluated. Twenty crossbred castrated sheep, averaging 50.7 kg, were assigned to a randomized blocks design, with four animals per treatment. There was no significant difference among silages for the different nutrients intake. Dry matter and total digestible nutrients intakes, in g/day, showed values that ranged from 936.2 (AGX202) to 1156.4 (AG2006) and from 460.9 (AGX215) to 613.4 (AGX213), respectively. The coefficients of digestibility showed differences among silages, and the higher coefficients of apparent dry matter and organic matter digestibility were recorded for the silage of AGX213 hybrid, compared to the silages of AGX215, AG2006 and AG2002 hybrids. Based on the intake and digestibility of the nutrients, except for the crude protein content, the AGX213 and AGX202 were successful for silage production.

intake; apparent digestibility; sheep

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