Brazilian scientific progress in pasture research during the first decade of XXI century

Progresso científico em pastagem na primeira década do século XXI

Valéria Pacheco Batista Euclides Cacilda Borges do Valle Manuel Cláudio Motta Macedo Roberto Giolo de Almeida Denise Baptaglin Montagner Rodrigo Amorim Barbosa About the authors

This paper aims to discuss the scientific progress obtained in the past ten years in genetics and plant breeding, soil fertility and plant nutrition and the importance of target sward conditions for planning, controlling and recommending management grazing of tropical grasses. In addition, progress in crop-livestock integration systems and management alternatives for mitigation of greenhouse gas emission by beef cattle production systems, two very important areas related to sustainable production systems, will also be discussed.

crop and pasture association; grazing management; methane emission; tropical forage

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