Effect of population density on the productivity of carp (Cyprinus carpio var specularis), in the fattening stage, during the summer

Álvaro Graeff Evaldo Nazareno Pruner About the authors

This study aimed to evaluate impact of stocking density on final productivity in the production of mirror common carp in fattening stage, during the summer. A completely randomized design with three treatments (1, .5, .33 fishes/m²) and three replicates was used. The fish were stocked with an average weight of 2.40 g and average length of 5.35, 5.40 and 5.39 cm, respectively, in the treatments 1, 2 and 3, with 45 days of age. The diets were formulated with 27% CP and 2925 kcal/kg of diet and supplied daily at a rate of 3% of body weight. Regression analysis was used to evaluate the behavior of each treatment. For the fish lengths, the results were 25.68, 28.66 and 31.21 cm, respectively. For the fish weights, the results were 255.00, 424.00, and 519.66 g. The treatments 1 and 3 showed a linear regression model, different from the treatment 2, that showed quadratic model. In the total biomass, the results were 1881, 1512 and 1302 kg/ha•period and the significant regression model were linear for treatments 1 and 3 and quadratic for treatment 2. The feed: gain showed a linear regression model for all treatments. In similar condition, it could be recommended all suggested densities, based on the final production and survival.

Cyprinus carpio; density; fattening; summer

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