Addition of multienzymatic complex in different extruded full fat soybeans based diets on the broiler performance

Claudson Oliveira Brito Luiz Fernando Teixeira Albino Horacio Santiago Rostagno Paulo Cezar Gomes Marli Arena Dionizio Débora Cristine Oliveira Carvalho About the authors

One experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of the addition of multienzymatic complex in diets with different quality of extruded full fat soybeans on the performance of broiler chicks. A total of 960 Avian Farms male broiler chicks were used from 1 to 21 days of age. The completely randomized experimental design utilized a 3 x 2 factorial treatment structure with three extruded full fat soybeans (under, standard and over processed) and two levels of multienzymatic complex addition (0.0 and 0.05%). Total of six treatments and eight replicates of 20 birds for experimental unit. The diets were formulated to contain corn end extruded full fat soybeans, with crude protein, lysine and methionine+cystine below recommended levels to facilitate detection of nutritional differences. The solubility values in KOH 0.2% and urease of the different extruded full fat soybeans they were respectively: under processed (91% and 0.5), standard (88% and 0.05) and over processed (66% and 0.005%). The multienzymatic complex was composed with celulase, amylase and protease. The birds and ration were weighted in the initial and final experimental phase to get weigh gain, feed intake and feed conversion. The addition of multienzymatic complex in diets contend extruded soybean with different processing improved weight gain in 3.8% and the feed conversion in 4.24%. The largest effect of addition was observed with birds fed under processed soybean, where weight gain and feed conversion improved by 4.64 and 5.0% respectively. Birds fed diets with standard extruded soybean, showed better performance when compared with birds fed with extruded soybean, under and over processed.

additives; alternative feeding; broiler chicks; enzymes; processing

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