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Ingestive behavior of lambs or hoggets fed on high-concentrate diets of maize or sorghum1 1 Parte da Dissertação de Mestrado em Zootecnia do primeiro autor, apresentada na Universidade Federal de Santa Maria/UFSM

Comportamento ingestivo de cordeiros ou borregos alimentados com dietas de alto concentrado de milho ou sorgo

Rafael Sanches Venturini Sérgio Carvalho Camilla Trevisan Teixeira Luiz Gustavo de Pellegrini Danielle Dias Brutti About the authors


The aim of this study was to evaluate the ingestive behaviour of lambs or hoggets, finished in confinement on high-concentrate diets based on maize or sorghum grain. A total of 32 animals were used, 16 lambs (milk teeth) and 16 hoggets (2 teeth), which were distributed in a completely randomised experimental design and a 2 x 2 factorial scheme (two categories x two types of grain). In the categories under evaluation (lambs and hoggets), a significant difference (P≤0.05) was found for total chewing time, idle time and other activities (expressed in min/day and as a percentage), number of meals per day, time spent per meal and for the weight of dry matter or NDF ingested per meal (g/DM per REF and g/NDF per REF respectively). For the grain under test (maize or sorghum), significant differences (P≤0.05) were seen in feeding time, total chewing time and idle time (expressed in min/day and as a percentage) and for feed efficiency (g DM/h and NDF/h). Differences in the nutritional demands of lambs and hoggets, and in the composition of high-concentrate diets of maize or sorghum, cause changes in some characteristics of the ingestive behaviour of the animals.

Key words:
Animal category; Confinement; Sheep

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