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Prognostic factors and comorbidity impact upon the frontolateral laryngectomy

Rogério Aparecido Dedivitis Jozías de Andrade-Sobrinho Mario Augusto Ferrari de Castro About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the survival rates, comorbidity impact, complications, and treatment failure facts. METHODS: 38 patients clinically staged as T1b / T2N0M0 glottic tumors were analyzed. They underwent frontolateral laryngectomy with reconstruction, from January, 1995 to December, 2006. The oncological outcome, comobidity (through the Adult Comorbidity Evaluation -27 ACE-27 scale) and complications were studied and correlated to the demographic data and tumor characteristics. RESULTS: Eight patients presented local recurrence being surgically salvaged. Complications were not observed in 33 patients. There was no significant difference on the global and free of disease 5-year survival regarding the diverse comorbidity categories. Only the pathological margins spread of the tumor presented significant difference on the global (p=0.0033) and free 0f disease survival (p<0.0001). CONCLUSION: The 5-year global survival was 67.6% whereas the free of disease survival was 73.7%; the comorbidity did not represent independent prognostic factor; the postoperative complications rate was 13.2%; and only the pathological margin spread showed significant difference on the global and free of disease survival rates.

Larynx; Laryngeal Neoplasms; Laryngectomy; Comorbidity

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