Low intensity laser therapy effects on cell proliferation and differentiation: review of the literature

Águida Cristina Gomes Henriques Claudia Cazal Jurema Freire Lisboa de Castro About the authors

Low energy laser has been used as an adjuvant therapy or as a therapeutic tool in many different areas of Dentistry. It is recognized by its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and also as a tissue repair inductor. Low intensity laser property in stimulate cell proliferation during wound healing and its biomodulation mechanisms are discussed in this paper. These properties have already been established for cultured benign cells, but there is a controversy when extended to the spectrum of the malignant neoplastic process, normally generating great discussions. The objective of this work was to perform a literature review about the low intensity laser capacity in induce cell proliferation. The discussion is specially concerned about its effects on malignant cells.

Laser therapy; Cell proliferation; Laser therapy, low-level; Wound healing

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